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The Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit recommends wearing a mask if 2 meters of distance can't be maintained. The club has decided not to open the leagues until the use of masks is no longer required. Some people are forming groups to play independently.

Times the Courts May be Rented
The pickleball club and some tennis groups rent the courts for uninterrupted play. Here is a list of the times that courts MAY be rented (go to Perth website for official rental information):
MONDAY 9 AM to 11, 2 courts for tennis
MONDAY 6 PM to 8:30, 2 courts for tennis
TUESDAY 8 AM to 10, 2 courts for tennis
TUESDAY 10 AM to 12, 4 courts for pickle-ball
WEDNESDAY 6 PM to 8, 4 courts for tennis
THURSDAY 9 AM to 11, 4 courts for pickleball
FRIDAY 9 AM to 11, 2 courts for tennis
SATURDAY 9 AM to 11, 4 courts for pickleball

Social Distancing Guide for Playing Tennis
1. These guidelines could change based on the latest best-practices released by medical experts and governments.
2. The ball machine shall not be used except under the directions of an instructor who will ensure proper sanitation before and after use.
BEFORE you decide to go to the courts:
- You have not had flu-like symptoms, fever or cough for at least 2 weeks
- You have not been in contact with someone with COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms for at least 2 weeks
- You have not be outside the local area for at least 2 weeks
Extra equipment REQUIRED to play:
- Cloth mask to contain droplets you exhale
- Your own bottle of hand sanitizer
- Every player will bring their own set of balls marked for easy identification
- Every player must be able to pocket/contain at least 2 balls on their person while playing
Optional equipment:
- Your own lawn chair if you want to sit during breaks so common benches are not used
- Your own water bottle
Upon arrival at courts:
- Use the hand sanitizer
- Place your cloth mask over your mouth and nose and don't remove it until you leave the courts at the end of your session except as noted below
During play follow these rules:
- Touch items at the court such as fence, gates, posts, nets as little as possible
- The server will serve with only their own balls
- No player but the server will touch the served balls with their hands; to return a ball the other players will use only feet and the racquet head
- Try not to touch the racquet strings
- Keep your distance from other players as much as possible; no hand shaking, or bumping fists or elbows; thumbs up is the new accepted acknowledgement
- Drink water by facing away from others and lowering your mask, trying to avoid touching your face at all times
- Use hand sanitizer during changeovers if you have touched the net, posts, other's balls, etc.
At the conclusion of play:
- Pack up you kit, leave the court, remove your mask and then use hand sanitizer

AGM Rescheduled to July 28, 2020, 7 PM
If gatherings are allowed by that time the location to be announced. If gatherings are not allowed the meeting will be held electronically.

Need tennis lessons? Contact Riley Garner
See more information for Riley Garner / Nationally Certified Tennis Instructor on Notices page

The Perth Tay Tennis Club plays on the four hard-surface, lighted tennis courts of Perth's Conlon Farm Recreation Complex. The 53 acres site is located at 127 Smith Drive, at the south end of Perth off Scotch Line or Rogers Road, at the junction of Conlon and Smith Drive (see Map).

Perth Tay Tennis Club rents the courts for league play (see schedule at left). When not rented for tennis or pickleball leagues or by individuals the courts are open to public use on a first come, first served basis. Rules of use are posted. The club installs wind screens for better play. The lighting of all four courts automatically goes on before dark and off at 10 PM.

See Membership for details of fees, how to rent the tennis courts for private play and other information.

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