All clubs are only as successful as their members' willingness to volunteer. This page acknowledges the volunteers who make the Perth Tay Tennis Club a great place to play tennis.

Court-side seats under construction
Len McQuat built a few wooden seats for the club a few years ago. Now he organized a crew to build 4 more. Len had most of the pieces cut when the rest of the crew arrived but says they took all day to complete the job. Bill Green, Steven Welchner and Len admire their partly-built double seat.
Partly finished

Rob Patterson is making the curved cuts outside. He was the master of the bandsaw.
Rob sawing

Bill has the big drill and admires a completed seat.
Bill with drill

Job well done guys.

Windscreens up June 3, 2022
Our very efficient setup crew who installed the windscreens this morning. Many, many thanks to:
Shelley and Steven Welchner, Wendy Brooks and Doug Rosenthal.
Not pictured: Garfield McFayden, Rob Patterson
A fine crew!!!!! And crew chief Riley Garner

Windscreens power washed May 17, 2021
Riley organized a power washing party at the Consitt's farm. Garfield also helped.
3 powers 2021
Paul washing 2021

Windscreens up May 18, 2019
Riley organized a lot of help and the windscreens were put up in about an hour while tennis and pickleball went on playing behind the installers.
IMG_3251The crew consisted of (front row) Bill Green, Gayle Grass, Susan Upham and Doug Rosenthal, (back row) Trevor Grass, Alan Way, Riley Garner, Tom Baumgartner, Garfield McFadyen, Len McQuat, Carole Rosenthal and friend Chris. The Rosenthal dog did a good job of supervising.

Windscreens up May 25, 2018
Just the day before the Season Opening Tournament we scrambled to put up the windscreens for the season. Fortunately the high winds that were predicted did not arrive and the job was done quickly with the small crew of: Rick Cormier, Brennan Ouimet, Len McQuat, Wendy Brooks, Tom Baumgartner (how does he look so clean?) and Riley Garner.

Windscreens down on October 17, 2017
After the Tuesday league's last day we took the windscreens down in a brisk wind. It turned out to be a week late because a big wind the previous Sunday damaged some of the fencing due to the extra wind resistance of the windscreens.
The crew pictured: Tom Baumgartner, Bill Green, Len McQuat, Wendy Brooks, Brennan Ouimet, and Riley Garner

Len loads the windscreens to take to the chalet for storage.

Windscreens put up May 31, 2017
A great crew turned out to install the windscreens in under 2 hours. Len McQuat, Riley Garner, Tom Baumgartner, Jim Doner, Bill Green,
John Clement, Brennan Ouimet, Alan Way.

Windscreens taken down Oct 11
After the last Tuesday morning mixed league date of the 2016 season 4 people took down the windscreen in a little over an hour. The highly efficient workers are: Len McQuat, Wendy Brooks, Bill Green, Tom Baumgartner. Note that Len and Bill are new members in 2016. Great to have new members.

Benches renewed by Len
Len McQuat is a new member this year. He took on the job of replacing the wood slats on our two fences. They should last for many more years now.

Windscreens Up June 4
A great crew showed up to install the windscreens. With the large turnout the job took less than 2 hours and looks great.
John Clement and Stephane Sefter congratulate each other on the work but notice how clean John is?IMG_2175
After the job was finished and pictures were taken some stayed to play tennis.
John Ricard is missing from the photo because he went home to clean up before playing tennis.
Pictured are Wendy Brooks, Tom Baumgartner, Jim Doner, Bill Green (a new member), (kneeling) Len McQuat (a new member) and Brennan Ouimet.

Windscreens Down October 21
Thanks to a 1 hour response from John Clement and Michael Reeve when Tom Baumgartner decided the weather was cooperating the windscreens were taken down in about an hour.

Windscreens Installed May 9th
Thanks to a great turnout the windscreens were installed in less than 1.5 hours. From left to right are: Len Bolton, Dan Lydford, Janice Reid, John Richard, Lynn Jenkins, Wendy Brooks, Nancy Lydford, Norman Macdonnell. Missing from the picture are Tom Baumgartner and Michael Grass.

Board Members Elected at AGM
At the May 4th Annual General Meeting the following were elected to the board: Pam Anderson, Tom Baumgartner, Cathy Brown, Barbara Clement, Lynn Jenkins, Brennan Ouimet.

Windscreens Down for Winter
Thanks to Stephane for organizing the work detail to take down the windscreens. Helping were Alan Way, Tom Baumgartner and Richard Thomson.