Playing on November 20
The weather has held longer than normal so this group played on Nov 20. Lynn Jenkins took the picture.

Last Tuesday Mixed Doubles of 2020?
The players who played Tuesday mixed doubles want to thank Garfield for organizing them this year. Below is a picture submitted by Wendy Brooks of possibly the last day in the 2020 season—notice the social distancing. Wendy reports it was crisp but lovely.

End of 2020 Tennis Tournament

Thanks to Paul and Pam Anderson an end of season fun tournament was held on Sunday, September 20. Paul organized in his usual efficient fashion.

After initial instructions the social distancing (under 25 total attending as per the rule change on Friday by the Ontario government), tennis play, snacking and conversations were underway in glorious sunshine.

Paul keeps the tournament play moving along as he takes a moment to pose for an excellent picture; Len enjoys a snack.

Last League Play of 2019
The Tuesday morning mixed league played the last league play of the season on October 15. It was a great day if a little chilly.

Season Ending Party
Held this year on the patio of the Wildfire BBQ and Smokehouse. The temperature was perfect, the food was good and the company was entertaining.
Before dinner there were serious conversations all over the patio.
IMG_3799 IMG_3790

IMG_3797 IMG_3805


And then the dinner bell was rung. Sue was first in line and seems happy about it.

End of an Era Tournament
Just before rebuilding of Courts 1 and 2 started we had a great round robin tournament, once again managed by Paul.
Claire and Riley stand in front of the schedule as the day starts. Later Don and Carole relax between sets and find some snacks.
The last time we will see the old courts next to the newer courts.


Jim keeps his eye on the ball (which we don't see) and Claire is preparing to hit the ball (which we do see).
IMG_3763 IMG_3773

Men's Doubles Tournament
Eight teams competed in hot, humid conditions with a slight chance of rain that never came. Wendy Brooks set up the water and food.
Lana called foot faults and the service line from the shadow of her umbrella.
The winners in a close final were Len Bolton and Dave Snider over Ken Rose and Joe Miller. Below, Ken displays a powerful serve.
After the tournament everyone is smiling and eating.

2019 Season Gets Under Way With Fun Tournament
Once again Paul Anderson took on the job of organizing the over 30 players on Saturday, May 25, with rain threatening.

The action on the courts was continuous. Looks like a good serve is about to happen as Bel awaits the return.

In addition to tennis there was coffee, donuts, and (mostly) healthy snacks

And we also met new members and greeted old members returning from Florida.

Tuesday Morning Mixed League ends 2018
This league has been around so long nobody currently playing remembers when it started. Some years it has been very cold at the end of the season. The weather has remained warm into the latter part of this season but the last session of 2018 was a bit cold.
Mixed double 2018 cold

Season Ending Social 2018
What could be more pleasant than a party on the Rideau? Heide hosted the season ending potluck and is seen here getting thanked by Carole in the late afternoon sunshine by the water. Then John sat down with Heide in the stone walled garden to have a drink of wine.
IMG_2608 IMG_2614
Meanwhile back at the waterside the conversations continued.
IMG_2610 IMG_2609


And more discussion of the season ending tournament which took place earlier in the day were going on in the garden. Jim is telling Doug what he missed.
IMG_2612 IMG_2615
Followed by dinner spread around the house and outside.
With a cake to end the day and mark the end of another season of tennis.

Mixed Double's Tournament 2018
It was a great Saturday for tennis. Lynn recruited 7 mixed doubles teams and Tom organized the tournament with a partial round robin followed by a playoff.
Pam Anderson and Joe Miller were the eventual winners over Heide Gibbs and Jim Doner in an entertaining match that went to a tie breaker.
Pam & Joe
Below are all the teams entered. Included were some married couples and one mother and son team.
2018 mixed

Men's Double's Tournament 2018
Everyone is looking good! A good night for all.
Congratulations to Kris Dolinki & Brian Whitestone on winning the tournament.
mens 2018

Mens tourname 2018

Season Opening Tournament 2018
It was a great day for starting the tennis season and for sitting on the grass.
2018 sitting round out
The gang gathers in front of the Smash Machine from the Ontario Tennis Association.
Len's serve is OK but most of us didn't want to hear how slow our serves actually were.