Last League Play of 2019
The Tuesday morning mixed league played the last league play of the season on October 15. It was a great day if a little chilly.

Season Ending Party
Held this year on the patio of the Wildfire BBQ and Smokehouse. The temperature was perfect, the food was good and the company was entertaining.
Before dinner there were serious conversations all over the patio.
IMG_3799 IMG_3790

IMG_3797 IMG_3805


And then the dinner bell was rung. Sue was first in line and seems happy about it.

End of an Era Tournament
Just before rebuilding of Courts 1 and 2 started we had a great round robin tournament, once again managed by Paul.
Claire and Riley stand in front of the schedule as the day starts. Later Don and Carole relax between sets and find some snacks.
The last time we will see the old courts next to the newer courts.


Jim keeps his eye on the ball (which we don't see) and Claire is preparing to hit the ball (which we do see).
IMG_3763 IMG_3773

Men's Doubles Tournament
Eight teams competed in hot, humid conditions with a slight chance of rain that never came. Wendy Brooks set up the water and food.
Lana called foot faults and the service line from the shadow of her umbrella.
The winners in a close final were Len Bolton and Dave Snider over Ken Rose and Joe Miller. Below, Ken displays a powerful serve.IMG_3707IMG_3705
After the tournament everyone is smiling and eating.

2019 Season Gets Under Way With Fun Tournament
Once again Paul Anderson took on the job of organizing the over 30 players on Saturday, May 25, with rain threatening.

The action on the courts was continuous. Looks like a good serve is about to happen as Bel awaits the return.

In addition to tennis there was coffee, donuts, and (mostly) healthy snacks

And we also met new members and greeted old members returning from Florida.

Tuesday Morning Mixed League ends 2018
This league has been around so long nobody currently playing remembers when it started. Some years it has been very cold at the end of the season. The weather has remained warm into the latter part of this season but the last session of 2018 was a bit cold.
Mixed double 2018 cold

Season Ending Social 2018
What could be more pleasant than a party on the Rideau? Heide hosted the season ending potluck and is seen here getting thanked by Carole in the late afternoon sunshine by the water. Then John sat down with Heide in the stone walled garden to have a drink of wine.
IMG_2608 IMG_2614
Meanwhile back at the waterside the conversations continued.
IMG_2610 IMG_2609


And more discussion of the season ending tournament which took place earlier in the day were going on in the garden. Jim is telling Doug what he missed.
IMG_2612 IMG_2615
Followed by dinner spread around the house and outside.
With a cake to end the day and mark the end of another season of tennis.

Mixed Double's Tournament 2018
It was a great Saturday for tennis. Lynn recruited 7 mixed doubles teams and Tom organized the tournament with a partial round robin followed by a playoff.
Pam Anderson and Joe Miller were the eventual winners over Heide Gibbs and Jim Doner in an entertaining match that went to a tie breaker.
Pam & Joe
Below are all the teams entered. Included were some married couples and one mother and son team.
2018 mixed

Men's Double's Tournament 2018
Everyone is looking good! A good night for all.
Congratulations to Kris Dolinki & Brian Whitestone on winning the tournament.
mens 2018
Mens tourname 2018

Season Opening Tournament 2018
It was a great day for starting the tennis season and for sitting on the grass.
2018 sitting round out
The gang gathers in front of the Smash Machine from the Ontario Tennis Association.
Len's serve is OK but most of us didn't want to hear how slow our serves actually were.

Season Ending Saturday Ends with a Bang
On another hot Saturday in September the club held its season ending tennis round robin and party.
These three are about to start another round of 9 rounds played on the newly re-painted courts.
Between rounds there were plenty of snacks, some shade and plenty of conversation.
Meanwhile play proceeds on the old courts also.
Later in the afternoon Paul and Laurie Consitt hosted a party at their house.
Of course there was something to quench the thirsts built up playing tennis.
And the day ended with a great fireworks display (no pictures of that).

North Crosby visits Perth
On a lovely Saturday in September. Good times on the courts and around the table.IMG_2934
Lynn Jenkins organized overall. Paul Anderson organized the order of play.


2017 Mixed Doubles Tournament
Rain delayed the tournament for a week. Joe Miller took over organizing from Jim Doner who had other commitments. Since this was a night tournament the 5 teams lined up for a picture while the light was still good. All the spectators were driven out before the end by the worst mosquitos plague we have had all year. Third place was Stephane Sefter and Lynn Jenkins. In a one set playoff Joe Miller and Pam Anderson took first against Len McQuat and Susan Upham.

2017 Men's Doubles Tournament
This year the organizers decided to pair the entrants to create competitive teams resulting in some very close and entertaining sets between the six teams. In the end the team of Michael Reeve and Len McQuat won the tournament over Len Bolton and Riley Garner. Here the winners are shown with the organizers— Pam Anderson at left, Wendy Brooks behind the net and Lynn Jenkins at right.

The competitors are all smiling here after the two sets.

2017 Women's Doubles Tournament
In 2015 Pam Anderson and Lynn Jenkins were the champions (last year's tournament was rained out). They repeated their winning ways this year against the team of Jeanne MacKinnon and Wendy Brooks. It was a beautiful day and unfortunate that there were not more entries.

2017 Season Opening Tournament
After all the unfriendly weather this spring Saturday morning was a great day for tennis, with a bit of wind some times. With 30 people we played until 1:30 (thanks to Paul for the scheduling) with plenty of time to snack (thanks to Lynn and those who brought food) and catch up with what everyone did over the winter.
There were also visitors who became the centre of attention.
Paul demonstrates mid-season form. Michael displays the latest in tennis fashion. Lori is a new member.

2016 Men's Doubles Championship
A warm Saturday morning saw 6 teams competing for the gold (Olympic year reference). Dave Snider and Len Bolton won resoundingly according to organizer Lynn Jenkins. Pam Anderson assisted in umpiring the tournament.

Pictured left to right are teams that gave the champs a run for the metal (actually paper). Trevor Grass and Bill Green; Jim Doner and John Richard
IMG_0646 IMG_0629
Len puts all his energy and concentration into a serve while the players on the sideline watch.

2016 Mixed Doubles Championship
This year we experimented with a tournament on a week night. There were 4 teams.

Jim Doner officiated and is seen here handing out certificates to the winning team of Lynn Jenkins and Stephane Sefter.

2016 Season Opening Tournament and Open House
Format of play the same as traditional Season Opening Tournament but we invited members of other local tennis clubs and anyone who wanted to play tennis. There were 36 people attending. There were members of Carleton Place and Almonte tennis clubs in attendance. Paul Anderson did a great job organizing so everyone got to play.
Pam Anderson organized the food—club provided coffee, drinks, snacks and pizza for lunch.IMG_2171IMG_2174
The Ontario Tennis Association provided Freedom 50 T-shirts to give away.

It was a hot sunny day so we made use of the nearest shade tree.

Brennan has have been encouraging the tennis players at Perth area high schools—here Brennan is playing with them.

And then the old people took over the court.

Resting between sets.

2015 Women's Doubles Championship
Four teams competed for the Women's Doubles Championship on a hot July 11 morning. After three sets the clear winners were Pam Anderson and Lynn Jenkins.
Pam and Lynn
Brennan Ouimet and Tom Baumgartner served as umpires.IMG_1476
All the competitors were hot and tired after the tournament but they all had a good time.

North Crosby Tennis Club Visits on June 6th
Seven members of the North Crosby Tennis Club played a "Friendly" with 9 Perth Tay Tennis Club members at Conlon Farm on June 6th. We played four 8-game doubles sets followed by a potluck lunch. We were so busy having fun that there were not many pictures taken.
Here Tom Baumgartner holds a shirt given by the North Crosby Tennis Club as appreciation for organizing the event.

Everybody is digging in to the food. Janice is eating light?

Club Sponsors Tennis Lessons at Perth Day Camp

The week of July 7 to 11 the Perth Day Camp was held at Conlon Farm. For an hour each day tennis lessons were provided to some of the camp attendees complements of the tennis club. Racquets were provided by Canadian Tire.

The End of Season Social 2014
September 6 – Held at the lovely cottage of Heide Gibbs.
photo 5

Music by (left to right) Peter Brown and John Richard
photo 3
photo 3

Lake-side drinks before dinner.
photo 1photo 4
photo 1
photo 3
photo 4photo 2

Dinner was spread over the cottage including this table in front of the kitchen fireplace.
photo 3

Potluck dinner must have been good as the plates are clean.
photo 2
photo 1
photo 3
Paul looks puzzled.
photo 4

Photos by Connie Scott.

2014 Mixed Doubles Championship
August 23 – There were 8 teams entered in the tournament. Tournament directors were Lynn Jenkins and Susie Sinclair. After the first round (one set) the winners played the winners and the losers played the losers. After the second round the two undefeated teams played (Laurie Consitt and Brennan Ouimet) vs. (Anne Bolton and Tom Baumgartner). Laurie and Brennan won the set 7-5 to take the championship with one more game won during the entire tournament than Anne and Tom.

Susie presents Laurie and Brennan with their certificates as champions.
Some of the competitors.

2014 Men's Doubles Championship
July 26 – There were six teams in the tournament again this year. Tournament directors were Lynn Jenkins and Susie Sinclair.

Under variable cloudiness there were 3 round-robin rounds. Dave Snyder and Len Bolton were the best team in the round-robin. After the round-robin the best two teams of the "Seriously Old" and the best two teams of the "Nearly Old" played a playoff set.

The Nearly Old playoff winners were Len (just returned from a knee operation) Bolton and Dave Snyder who are flanked by their playoff opponents Brennan Oiumet and Michael Reeves.

Grant MacMillan and Stephane Sefter were the Seriously Old winners in a set decided by a tie-breaker over Don Landry and Tom Baumgartner.

2014 Women's Doubles Championship
June 21 – There were four teams in the tournament. The weather was ideal and the tennis was very competitive. Long rallies resulted in three hours of almost continuous play before the winner was declared.

First there was a round robin with the team of Pam Anderson and Lynn Jenkins winning all three rounds. Second in the round robin were Laurie Consitt and Susie Sinclair with a record of 2-1. The finals went to a tie-breaker won by Laurie Consitt and Susie Sinclair (on the left in picture above).

The other teams competing were Barb Clement / Lana March and Heide Gibbs / Andrée Ouimet.

2013 Men's Doubles Championship
August 10 – There were three divisions in the tournament with two teams entered in each division based on the average age of the team.
Winners in the under 60 division were Michael Reeve and Joe Miller, beating Dave Balfour and Kaydn Gangnier in 2 sets (6-2, 6-4).
In the 60's division Paul Consitt and Jim Doner prevailed over Brennan Ouimet and Noel Sherlock in some of the best tennis witnessed on the Conlon Farm courts in years. The final score was 6-0, 1-6, 7-6 (9-7 in the tie breaker).
In the 70 plus division a third-set tie breaker was also required to determine the winners. Stephane Sefter and Grant MacMillan edged Alan Way and John Richard 6-2, 4-6, 7-6 (7-4 in the tie breaker).
Volunteer chair umpires were Don Landry, Lynn Jenkins and Tom Baumgartner.
Joe Miller, umpire Lynn Jenkins, Michael Reeve, Jim Doner, umpire Tom Baumgartner, Paul Consitt, president Pam Anderson

70 plus players
John Richard, Alan Way, umpire Don Landry, Grant MacMillan, Stephane Sefter

2013 Season-Opening Tournament
June 9 – After a Saturday rainout, the Perth Tay Tennis Club held their traditional season-opening tennis tournament on Sunday. The tournament was cancelled last year because two of Perth’s Conlon Farm Recreation Complex tennis courts were under reconstruction. This year the tournament was held on the two old courts and the two new courts. The court surfaces are different enough to challenge the players as they move from one type to another.

Twenty-three members, including one new member, enjoyed perfect weather, playing 7 rounds of competition. Paul Anderson arranged the order of competition and everyone was declared a winner.
Notice the form of the server below and look closely to see the ball crossing the net.

The club provided drinks and food for a picnic lunch thanks to the efforts of Social Chairman Heide Gibbs with assistance from Pam Anderson and Barb Clement.

The End of Season Social was held Saturday, September 15 at the lovely home of Trevor, Gayle and Michael Grass. It was a potluck (desserts, salads etc.) and BYOB with BBQ chicken and sausages provided. Here are some pictures.

The John Richard duo provided the perfect musical atmosphere for an outdoor social and dinner.

After a few light showers the weather cooperated. The dinner was delicious.

Later in the evening as it grew cooler the party migrated to the pool house. It seems that Paul was not paying attention as Alan explained how to bend the wrist for his famous spin shot.

The Season Opening Social was held at Heide's house rather than the traditional Saturday tennis tournament because there are currently only two courts due to the construction.

Here are some pictures from the May 24th social.

Below Paul and John C. discuss the Wednesday night league in the kitchen while Norm and John R. don't seem interested.
IMG_0074 IMG_0075
We would like to thank Heide for all her work and for the delicious buffett.
The weather was wonderful.
IMG_0077 IMG_0078
John is ready to play tennis but Sam will have to spend some more time recovering before she plays.
IMG_0079 IMG_0080